Wim Looyestijn

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Log Interpretation

Simulated in-situ response

Do you have problems with the interpretation of your NMR logs? For instance, because your core NMR data look completely different from what you see on the logs? Most likely, this is due to the presence of oil or gas. Well, that's good news, but it affects the interpretation of the NMR log and you wonder if you have to do very expensive core measurements at in-situ conditions. No, you don't. I developed a comprehensive method to simulate the in-situ NMR response, including effects of invasion, wettability and specific logging tool parameters.



Left picture: core NMR data grossly differ from the actual log. Computed answers such as permeability and Swirr, based on calibration on these core data, can be way off.

Right picture: in-situ modeled core data perfectly agree, and thus form the correct basis for further interpretation.

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