Wim Looyestijn


Since my retirement from Shell mid 2012, I offer my expertise on a consultancy basis. My distinguishing skills are in accurate modeling of the in-situ NMR log response, incorporating specific properties of the fluids and wettability.


I am a professional researcher with more than 40 years' experience. My main topic has become interpretation of NMR core and log data on which I became an internationally acknowledged expert. I pioneered in utilizing diffusion effects to discriminate oil from water, leading to Shell's NMR processing package MacNMR, which set a standard in the Industry. Other developments include derivation of capcurves from NMR, and, more recently, wettability and modeling of in-situ NMR log response.

During my career with Shell I also worked on several other subjects in Petrophysics, ranging from research into tool physics to development of new petrophysical applications, such as log deconvolution, thin bed analysis ("low-resistivity pay"), core analysis, sponge coring, ROS logging techniques and monitoring of EOR trials.

I hold a PhD from Leiden University in The Netherlands on an investigation of super-exchange interactions in a series of magnetic double salts using NMR as probe of the charge transfer on all nuclear sites in these compounds. Leiden is famous for its ultra low temperatures and high magnetic fields, so it has been quite a step-out to low field - reservoir temperature NMR.

Professional affiliations

Member of SPWLA, DPS and SPE.

Chairman of the organising committee for Annual SPWLA Symposium in 2004 in the Netherlands.

Editor of Petrophysics in 2008/2009, and VP Publication of SPWLA in 2009/2010.

Technical editor for SPE and for Petrophysics.

President of Dutch Petrophysical Society (Chapter of SPWLA) 2000 - 2016.

SPWLA distinguished speaker 2007/2008 and 2012/2013.

Selected publications

Looyestijn W.J., 2019, Practical Approach to Derive Wettability Index by NMR in Core Analysis Experiments, Petrophyscis, Vol. 60 No 4, August 2019. Get PDF

Looyestijn W.J., Zhang, X and Hebing A., 2017, How can NMR assess the wettability of a chalk reservoir, SCA 2017-003. Get PDF

Looyestijn W.J., Zhang, X and Hebing A., 2017, Revisiting NMR core-log calibration, SCA 2017-064.

Looyestijn, W.J. and Steiner, S., 2012, New Approach to Interpretation of NMR Logs in a Lower Cretaceous Chalk Reservoir, "best paper" of SPWLA 52nd Annual Symposium, Cartagena, Columbia; also published in Petrophysics Vol.54, No.2, April 2013.

Looyestijn, W.J., Cense A.W., Hofman J.P., Marcelis F. and Makurat A., 2009, Visualisation of micro fracture network in an oilwet carbonate. SCA-2009-A73.

Looyestijn, W.J., 2008, Wettability Index Determination from NMR Logs, "best paper" of SPWLA 48th Annual Symposium, Austin, TX, paper Q.; published in, Petrophysics, Vol. 49, No.2, April 2008.

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Looyestijn, W.J, Volokitin, Y., Slijkerman, W.F.J., and Hofman, J., 1999, A Practical Approach to Obtain Primary Drainage Capillary Pressure Curves from NMR Core And Log Data , SCA9924; also published in Petrophysics (2001), volume 42, 4.3.

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Looyestijn, W., 1996, Determination of Oil Saturation from Diffusion NMR Logs, paper SS, in 37th annual logging symposium transactions: Society of Professional Well Log Analysts.

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